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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

School District Sued by Student for Use of Facebook Photo

As part of a seminar presentation on the risks of social media, a Georgia school district used as an example a photo from a student's Facebook page showing the student in a bikini standing next to a cardboard cutout ad for "Blast," a malt liquor beverage, with the title "Once it's there, it's there to stay." The former student (she is now a Freshman in college) sued shortly after learning that her image had been used by the district.  She claims that she only thought friends and friends of friends could see the photo, and that she had not given permission to the school district to use her photo in the presentation.   She is asking for $2 million from the school district, arguing that the school district violated federal law, state law and the student's constitutional rights, and that she did not give up her rights by posting images on Facebook.
The school district may not have made the wisest decision in using a student's photo without her permission, but it remains to be seen how the district's conduct rises to the level of a constitutional violation.
You can read more about the case on at: Administrator uses student’s bikini photo in Internet safety...

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