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Thursday, January 8, 2015

From 4 Common Mistakes in Government Social Media Policies

Check out the new article posted on called "4 Common Mistakes in Government Social Media Policies," written by Kristy Dalton.  The article includes "best practices" for developing a government social media policy by pointing out some common issues that are often overlooked, including the following:

1.  Tone Deaf

The article suggests that governments be careful about the tone of the policy - it recommends that it be helpful, encouraging and optimistic, and to ensure that it not send a message that the agency is opposed to social media.

2.  Excluding Elected Officials

Most social media policies cover government employees, but the article suggests that policies also cover elected officials.  

3.  Dated Upon Rollout

The article notes that policies that specifically name social media platforms may become outdated as new platforms (Snapchat) are introduced so frequently.

4.  Keeping it Under Wraps

According to the article, most agencies do not publish their social media policies - she suggest posting it on the government's website.  At the very least, make sure any part of the policy that addresses public interaction (comment policy, for example) be made public.

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