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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

8 Tips for Using Twitter More Effectively

Twitter can be a great addition to your social media marketing program.  The primary benefit of Twitter is that it allows users to easily share information about themselves and their business without the time-management and third party content concerns often associated with some other social media sites such as Facebook.  However, like any other marketing program, Twitter is only effective if you are an active participant.  The following are 8 tips for active Twitter use:

1.  To maintain or establish an audience of loyal followers, you should tweet frequently.  A Twitter account associated with a business or company without frequent tweets may create the image that the business is not active.  This activity can include retweets of other Twitter users' tweets that might be relevant to your own followers. 
2.  You should seek out and follow other Twitter accounts in your industry.  This can generate increased awareness of your Twitter account, particularly when those industries have an established Twitter base of followers with shared interests.
3.  You should also seek out and follow Twitter accounts owned by current clients or customers.  These users can be your best supporters by retweeting your tweets to other users, who may then follow you on Twitter.
4.  You should upload your business logo for your company Twitter account, rather than use the picture of one of your employees, to increase your profile and brand on social media. 
5.  You should consider customizing your Twitter background/theme to reflect your business or company. 
6.  You should place a link to your Twitter account on your website, blog, and other online sites to increase cross-traffic between your social media sites.  You might also include links to Twitter and your other social media accounts in your e-mail signature.
7.  You should designate one employee to tweet on behalf of the company or to oversee and review other employees' tweets before they are sent out, to ensure that the company message is being accurately and appropriately presented. 
8.  Don't forget to insert a written profile of your company in the "bio" secction of your account profile, with links to your company website and any required industry disclaimers.

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