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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Another Attorney in Trouble on Facebook

Social media is getting a lot of people in trouble, and lately the "troublemakers" seem to be attorneys.  An Indiana attorney recently found himself charged with felony intimidation (which could result in jail time) after he posted the following message on his client's ex-husband's Facebook page:
You pissed off the wrong attorney. You want to beat up women and then play games with the legal system … well then you will get exactly what you deserve. After I get [my client] out of jail I’m going to gather all the relevant evidence and them I’m going to anal rape you so hard your teeth come loose. I tried working with you with respect. Now I’m going to treat you like the pond scum you are. Watch your ass you little [expletive deleted]. I’ve got you in my sights now.
The attorney had represented his client in both the divorce and the misdemeanor domestic battery case brought against her by her ex-husband. When questioned about his social media post, he defended his conduct, saying that he was not threatening the ex-husband, just trying to convey how zealously he was going to defend his client.

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