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Monday, May 19, 2014

MAUIWatch Facebook Case Settles

We have reported previously on the lawsuit filed against the County of Maui by a County employee who maintains a MAUIWatch Facebook page where he posts news and other stories about Maui.  Mamuad v. County of Hawaii, Dist. (Haw. Mar. 3, 2014).  According to his lawsuit, the County told him to shut it down and when he didn't, he was subject to disciplinary action.  He was also the subject of a harassment complaint by a co-worker who claimed his Facebook activities amounted to cyber-bullying.  

This month, the parties agreed to settle the case before the court could hear initial arguments on the motion for a preliminary injunction.  The settlement requires the County to rewrite its anti-harassment policy to clarify that employees have First Amendment rights outside the workplace.  The County was required to expunge any record of disciplinary action against Mamuad, and pay his attorneys fees and damages in the amount of $25,000.  

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